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Alyssa Rollins


Alyssa has always had a love for sports and fitness. Not a day went by in her childhood that she wasn’t involved in a sport. She had a passion for soccer and running. She played travel soccer for 10 years with WAGS, while also participating in running clubs leading to 10-miler races. When she was 15 years old she got injured playing soccer and was guided to speed and agility and weightlifting to build her ankle strength back up.  She discovered Olympic weightlifting and that became her new passion. It was something she caught on to fairly quick and absolutely loved it! After doing it for a year, she wanted to start competing. She loved getting on that platform in front of everyone to do what she did best. Alyssa discovered CrossFit while working with Ashley at a local personal training company. Ashley and Siggy introduced it to her by letting her join them on her first “WOD.” It was something that she wasn’t used to, but loved it and wanted to do more. It was motivating to be able to do something so challenging with other people. She noticed not only was she getting stronger, and faster, but it built her confidence tremendously and she was noticing great results. Her favorite part about Crossfit is being able to compete with other people, while motivating them and yourself at the same time. She loves the Crossfit community here at Coal Road and loves being able to help her athletes achieve their goals!